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2017 VC/PE Investment Trends

6:30-9:00pm, Wednesday , March 29

China’s economy is at a new crossroad. Its efforts to transition from a manufacturing-based, export-led economic model to a domestic-consumption and service-driven economy have met with significant headwinds. The real economy has slowed and vast liquidity has been siphoned into real estate sector, leading to a heated debate of whether a real estate bubble is brewing. In 2017, against this macro backdrop, what do investors see as the latest trends for investment opportunities, what are the sectors that will drive long-term investment returns, and what are the key challenges investors face today? 

We’ve put together a panel of veterans in Venture Capital/Private Equity to share their thoughts on investment and hot topics.  Come armed with questions for the panelists.

This event is co-sponsored by Yale Center Beijing , Yale Club of Beijing and Duke Alumni Association. 

Panelists include:

Bing Yuan 袁兵 (Yale JD '98) 

Managing Director at Hony Capital

Sean Fan 范翔(Yale College '99)
Managing Director of Goldman Sachs 

Jeffrey Li 李朝晖 (Duke MBA '04)
Partner of Tencent Investment and General Manager of Tencent M&A

Tina Tao 陶宁 (Yale SOM '10) 

Chief Operating Officer  and partner at Sinovation Ventures

Event details:

Date: Wednesday, March 29th


 6:30~7:00pm  Registration & Reception

 7:00~9:00pm  Panel Discussion and Q&A

Venue: Yale Center Beijing, 36F, Tower B, IFC Building, 8 Jianguomenwai Avenue http://map.baidu.com/?shareurl=1&poiShareUid=520ec2b99a6b6484921fc9b5&cityCode=131&tn=B_NORMAL_MAP


Eligibility: This event is open to all. 

Language:  Chinese 活动语言为中文

Costs:  On-line: RMB80 for regular admission or RMB40 for Yale undergraduate college graduates of 2014 or later. Walk-ins: RMB100. 

About Panelists

Bing Yuan 袁兵  (JD '98)  

Mr. Yuan joined Hony Capital as a Director in April 2009 and was promoted to Managing Director in January 2010. Mr. Yuan is in charge of PE Investment Management Department at Hony, which oversees the private equity investment activities. Prior to joining Hony, Mr. Yuan was a Managing Director in Morgan Stanley Principal Investments based in Hong Kong and is responsible for Morgan Stanley’s principal investment activities in China. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley Principal Investments, Mr. Yuan was a Managing Director in the China Corporate Finance Group of Morgan Stanley based in Hong Kong. Prior to Morgan Stanley, Mr. Yuan was a Vice President with Credit Suisse First Boston in Hong Kong and New York, focused on corporate finance and merger & acquisitions transactions in the technology, media and telecom industry. Mr. Yuan assisted numerous prominent Chinese SOE and private sector companies in successfully completing their IPO, corporate finance and M&A transactions. Before that, Mr. Yuan has also worked as a financial analyst in project finance with Fieldstone Private Capital Group, L.P. in New York.

Mr. Yuan graduated from Nanjing University with a BS in English in 1990; he received a Master in International Relations from Yale University in 1993, and a J.D. degree from Yale Law School in 1998.

袁兵先生于 2009 年 4 月加入弘毅投资,负责弘毅投资的 PE 业务的管理。加入弘毅投资之前,袁兵先生担任摩根士丹利直接投资部董事总经理,驻于香港,负责摩根士丹利在中国的直接投资业务。此前,袁兵先生曾任摩根士丹利中国企业融资业务董事总经理。在加入摩根士丹利之前,袁兵先生任瑞士信贷第一波士顿副总裁,先后于香港和纽约公司工作,负责科技、媒体和电信行业的企业融资和并购,协助众多中国知名的国有和民营企业成功完成了在海外的上市,融资和收购兼并项目。此前,袁兵先生曾在纽约的富通资本担任项目融资的金融分析员。

袁兵先生于 1990 年毕业于南京大学,取得英美文学学士学位,并于 1993 年获耶鲁大学国际关系硕士学位,1998 年获耶鲁大学法学博士学位。

Sean Fan 范翔(YC '99)

Sean is Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking and responsible for corporate private equity investments in China and other regions in Asia Pacific Ex-Japan of Goldman Sachs. He first joined Goldman Sachs in 2004 as an associate and rejoined the firm in 2007 as an executive director. Sean was named managing director in 2011. Prior to rejoining the firm, Sean was an associate at KKR. 

Sean earned a BA in Economics and Computer Science from Yale University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

范翔先生是高盛直接投资部董事总经理,负责高盛中国及除日本外亚太其他地区的企业私募股权投资。他最初于2004年加入高盛担任经理,后于2007 年重新加入公司担任执行董事。范翔先生于2011 年被任命为董事总经理。范翔先生参与的项目包括青岛利群百货、雷士照明、中复连众、中国圣牧有机奶业、雅迪集团、国双科技等。范翔先生也是高盛人民币基金的法人代表。重返高盛之前,范翔先生在KKR担任经理。


Jeffrey Li 李朝晖(Duke MBA 2004)


Zhaohui (Jeffrey) Li currently serves as Managing Partner of Tencent Investment and General Manager of Tencent M&A, focusing on Tencent’s investment and M&A efforts in the areas of Social Networking, Gaming and O2O. Mr. Li is the key driver of Tencent worldwide investments effort in gaming space.  He leads investments or acquisition of many top game developers and platforms such as CJ Games, Riot Games, Douyu TV, and most recently, Supercell.  He designed and implemented Tencent’s O2O investment strategy, facilitating Tencent’s penetration in Social Commerce, Transportation, Real Estate, Education and Healthcare. His investments cases include Zhihu, Renrenche, Homelink (Lianjia), Yuantiku and many others.

Before joining Tencent, Mr. Li was Investment Principal at Bertelsmann Asia Investment, where he invested in BitAuto (NYSE: BITA) and Phoenix New Media (NYSE: FENG).  Before that, he worked for Google and Nokia, where he gained substantial experience in the Internet and Mobile arenas.  Mr. Li holds a bachelor’s degree from Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management and an M.B.A. from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

朝晖先生现任腾讯投资管理合伙人及腾讯投资并购部总经理,负责腾讯在全球范围内社交,游戏及O2O领域的投资及并购。李朝晖先生主导了腾讯在全球游戏产业链的布局,领导团队投资或收购了包括CJ Games,Riot,Supercell,斗鱼等顶级游戏开发商或平台。他同时负责腾讯在O2O核心领域的投资战略的制定和实施,领导他的团队在社会化电商,全球范围内互动娱乐,社交,以及在交通,房产,教育,医疗等O2O领域持续的投资,代表项目包括知乎,人人车,链家,猿题库等。

加入腾讯之前, 李朝晖先生担任贝塔斯曼亚洲投资基金投资总监, 投资项目包括易车网,凤凰网等。之前他曾就职于Google和诺基亚,具有丰富的互联网及移动行业经验。李朝晖先生拥有北京大学光华管理学院学士学位及美国杜克大学MBA学位。

Tina Tao 陶宁 (SOM '10) 

Ms. Tina Tao serves as a COO (and Partner) of Sinovation Ventures, leading all daily operations and all the professional services teams at SV. Sinovation Ventures’ investment areas are mainly in artificial intelligence, big data, digital entertainment, smart device, O2O, online education, enterprise service, cloud computing. To fully leverage its advantages as a dual-currency, cross-border venture capital firm, Sinovation Ventures actively collaborates with top research institutes, universities and premier funds in both China and the U.S. to identify key trends and technologies, source deals, and acquire talents.

Prior to SV, Ning had worked for years at the headquarters of, in succession, Microsoft, IBM and Google. She has held leadership roles in product management, marketing, strategy and operations. Ms. Tao holds a B.A. and M.A. in Information Management from Peking University and a Masters in Business Administration from Yale University.

陶宁女士2010年加入创新工场担任合伙人和首席运营官。 创新工场管理12亿美元,专注于互联网技术投资的VC。 投资领域涵盖人工智能、数字娱乐、互联网教育、互联网金融、大消费等天使和A/B轮。投资地域包括中国和北美。

陶宁女士拥有北京大学信息管理系学士与硕士学位以及耶鲁大学MBA学位。 陶宁曾在Microsoft、IBM、Google等公司的中国和美国总部工作,职责包括产品市场、战略规划、营销运营等。

时间 地点

Yale Center Beijing, 36th Floor, Tower B, IFC Building
Tel: 59090200

2017年3月29日 星期三 18:30 至 21:00


Yale Club of Beijing