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2018/10/06 - 2018/10/23

HKRI TAIKOO HUI roof garden , 4F, 789 nanjing xi lu , jing an district , cross street shimen lu , elevator entrance next to "EXIT" store on shimen lu

  • ecoKIDS veggie art DIY sunday

    每周天 13:30-15:00

    HKRI TAIKOO HUI roof garden , 4F, 789 nanjing xi lu , jing an district , cross street shimen lu , elevator entrance next to "EXIT" store on shimen lu


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    老师:Alan Flesher

    Multidimensional Artist, Designer, Writer & Creative Coach .American painter based in Shanghai, in his studio in East Hongtou, Pudong New Area a couple of months ago Alan Flesher,一位驻上海的美国画家。

    Environmental art with veggie tools and recycled items!!!!!!!! By Alan Flesher, Multidimensional Artist & Creative Coach Workshop in eng&cn , bring an old plastic bottle, paper cones etc, max 10 students We encourage participants to bring an empty water bottle that they might throw in the trash ,toilet paper and paper towel cones or the fruit jackets or covers that they throw away This way they will be recycling and up cycling throwaway materials reps repurposing them as art tools. This would engage them in Process Art and help demonstrate in a variety of ways that we can create original works of art transforming ordinary materials into visual art forms and creative imaginative expressions Guided Creative Sessions that can Elevate Sensitivity; Harmonizing Interpersonal Relationships, Promoting Awareness and Influencing Quality Consciousness. Parents and children grow farther apart with little time to bond, accelerated in today’s fragmented world, with competition for quality time interactions left to chance. While this is a natural phenomenon, children are in a hurry to move through adolescence to bond with modern life through social media. Addicted to the “I world,“ characterized with I-phone in hand which is all about: me me me VS us! Parents take 2nd place position in relationship to their children’s peer connections. And, in truth, parents are less available and visible due to commitments and requirements of business. Expanding their spheres of influence through social interactions, supporting connections to their worlds; that adds to the growing divide. Art is a wonderful platform to work together in a neutral, non-competitive, comfortable studio setting to enjoy creative projects with one innocent focus; to make beautiful art and have fun on an equal footing. Where it’s not about parent and child, but more importantly, about exploring the freedom of expression as you collaborate on a memorable work renewing friendship through Art-Bonding! Restoring heart where art is the root of the word heart. Our feelings, as dynamic beings, represent something that motivates us to behave. Something of substance within us and around us in an unspoken dialogue that tells us we have value. Art can be an intimate medium through which to express your undefined artistic intention, a journey engaged to surf the inspiration of the wave landing on a canvas beach or a blank piece of paper waiting to be articulated beyond your artistry to the core of your being." "我们的情感是动态的,代表激励我们行动的东西。在我们身边和周围一种未明言的对话中的物质告诉我们,我们有价值。艺术可以成为一种亲密的媒介,通过这种媒介可以表达你未定义的艺术意图, 让浪涛降落在海滩上的画布或一个空白的纸等待你的艺术超越你的核心的灵感旅程。"



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