CPSM 认证考试机考 Exam Registration-Computer Jul2017
Jul 1-9:00am -12:00pm
1,200 元人民币
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Jul 1-14:00pm -17:00pm
1,200 元人民币
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Jul 2-9:00am -12:00pm
1,200 元人民币
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Jul 2-14:00pm -17:00pm
1,200 元人民币
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ISMCHINA统一时间考试报考须知 [仅适用ISMCHINA会员]



非会员在报名CPSM考试前,请完成CPSM会员登记和缴费 https://yoopay.cn/membership/ISMChinaIM










1. 2017年5月21日前在本页面完成报名工作,留下正确的邮箱和电话号码等信息。若在5月23日前无法联系到您,SCMC将按付款先后顺序安排其他考生,不会保留考位。有关付款将顺延至2017年考期的空余考位( 退款产生的友付手续费需考生自理)

2. 考前4-6周SCMC将会发送邮件通知考试登记,

    A. 如果您还不是ISM China的CPSM专业会员,请按该链接选择CPSM专业会员完成会费缴纳https://yoopay.cn/membership/ISMChinaIM;企业会员请咨询service@scmconsult.net。

    B. 如果您已经是ISM的CPSM专业会员,请完成该页面考试报名,5月23日前,考试中心工作人员将与您联系;

    C. 提交考试登记表后,请按照申请时的日期和时间,按时参加考试。

Venue: SCMC Shanghai EXAM Center

Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM, 2:00PM-5:00PM, Jul 1-2, 2017

Examination mode: On-line testing

Email: service@scmconsult.net

Registration deadline: 21th, May, 2017

Registration Process:

1. Input the valid email address and phone number on the registration page. Your reservation will be transfer to next EXAM availabl seat if we can’t reach you via phone or email before May 21th. 

2. Receive email from SCMC notifying the EXAM Registration Process, 

    A. If you are not an ISM China CPSM member, please apply for membership and benefit from members' EXAM fee;https://yoopay.cn/membership/ISMChinaIM

    B. If you are an ISM China CPSM member, please proccess EXAM fee payment accordingly, and summit the EXAM registration form in time;

    C. Please attend the EXAM on time after you summited the EXAM Registration Form

5. Please contact service@scmconsult.net if any question.

6. First come, first servce applied by service center. You application completed when you successful summit your EXAM Registraiton form. Please attend the EXAM on time.

ISM China 拥有对考试报名程序的解释权。ISM China reserves all rights of explanation.

Please read and fully agree to the following stipulation before you register for the CPSM Exam. Your registration implies that you have agreed to these terms.


I.D. Requirement


For your exam, you must bring one valid photo I.D. with a signature that EXACTLY matches the name on your exam registration.

If the name on your I.D. is different from the name on your exam registration, please contact ISM immediately.

Your I.D. MUST be one of the following: Passport; Government or National I.D.

No other forms of I.D. will be accepted.



Test Center Protocol and Dismissal From Exam


·           Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your exam time. If you are more that 15 minutes late, you will be considered a nonrefundable “no show


·           Candidates cannot bring personal items into the testing room.


·           Items such as a cellphone, BlackBerry or PDA are prohibited.


A candidate may be dismissed from the exam, at the discretion of the proctor, for improper or disruptive behavior. Grounds for dismissal include:


·           Creating a disturbance


·           Giving or receiving help


·           Attempting to remove test materials or notes from the examination room


·           Impersonating another candidate


·           Falsifying identification


Candidate Nondisclosure Agreement


Below is the Candidate Nondisclosure Agreement that all candidates must sign prior to starting any of ISM certification exams.

The candidate acknowledges the confidential nature of the ISM Examinations (the “Exam”) and hereby agrees that he/she will not copy, retain Exam questions or disclose or transmit them in any form to any other person. The candidate will certify that they are working toward their professional designation, or are retaking the exam for Continuing Education credits. The candidate agrees that taking the Exam for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. The candidate also acknowledges that Exam review course instructors, trainers or individuals are prohibited by ISM from taking exams for the sole purpose of preparing students to take the Exam and/or for the creation of their course materials.

The candidate expressly agrees and understands that certification may be denied or revoked, or the Exam scores may be invalidated or withheld by ISM in the event that ISM determines that he/she (A) has (i) falsified or misrepresented information on the registration form or information provided is in error, including documentation of continuing education hours for recertification; (ii) participated in an unauthorized disclosure of Exam questions, information or materials; (iii) plagiarized questions and/or answers on the Exam; (iv) mailed, received, relayed in any fashion, or used copies of the Exam materials, questions, or answers without authorization from ISM; (v) retained the Exam materials after the examination; (vi) engaged in cheating or other misconduct or unprofessional behavior with respect to taking, administering, or preparation for the Exam; or (vii) failed to adhere to the Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct, or (B) (i) there is a testing irregularity with respect to the Exam; (ii) there is a reason to question the Exam score’s validity; or (iii) that the Exam score was the result of unusual or questionable circumstances.

The candidate agrees to abide by the ISM Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct, whether or not he/she is a member of ISM. The candidate grants ISM permission to make any and all inquiries which are necessary to evaluate their credentials for certification or recertification/reaccreditation and agree to respond to requests for information related to any of the above.  The candidate further authorizes ISM to publish (via e-mail, website, or print) information about their certification and to make any and all inquiries, investigations, or other communications, which may be necessary for ISM to grant, deny or revoke certification, or to invalidate or withhold examination scores.  The candidate hereby certifies that the information submitted on or with this form is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge, and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein and by any and all policies and procedures of ISM applicable to the Certification Program or the Exam as may be amended from time to time.




                          i.          报考和认证申请提交的文件造假,包括再认证时提交的CEH证明文件;

                         ii.          在考试后泄漏考题,信息及资料;

                        iii.          在考试中存在抄袭现象;

                       iv.          未经ISM授权擅自盗用,传播,接收或以任何形式复制考题和答案材料;

                        v.          在考试后私自对考题存档;

                       vi.          复习准备过程及考试过程中涉嫌作弊或帮助他人作弊;

                      vii.          不遵守ISM的“供应管理专业操守原则与标准”规定;


                          i.          考试中有非常规情况发生

                         ii.          该次考试的有效性存疑

                        iii.          存在对考试分数产生影响的非常规状况。