Shanghai Style: How China's most cosmopolitan city nurtured its distinctive look, with Patrick Cranley and Tina Kanagaratnam - 80RMB
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Speaker: Patrick Cranley and Tina Kanagaratnam

Date: Tuesday July 21st, 2020

Price: 80RMB (or 400RMB for an All Access Pass) 

Time: 8.30pm China Standard Time / 1.30pm BST



In Shanghai, the undisputed star of the show is its unmistakable Art Deco aesthetic, which found its way into every corner of the city, from the iconic 1920s Peace Hotel to the elegant apartment blocks of the former French Concession. Our Deco experts explore how, far more than simply an architectural form, this so-called ‘complete style’ infused not only Shanghai’s buildings but also its fashion, graphic design, furniture and, dare we say, even its soul!


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