Christmas Day Supper at The Great Wall 2016
Christmas Day Supper
238 元人民币

Christmas Day Supper (children 4-12) and university students with valid ID)
128 元人民币

Christmas Day Schoolbus/person
80 元人民币


Christmas Day at the Great Wall


Sunday 25 December 2016


Updated 10 September 2015 Subject to Change Without Notice

于2015年9月10日更新, 修改时恕不通知。

The Schoolhouse Traditional Celebration Served at Our Brickyard Retreat

Relaxation & Live Jazz for Grown Ups While the Kids Make Cookies



Adults Rmb 238, Children 4-18 & University Students with ID Rmb 128, Under 4 Free,

Online Payment in Advance Required, Pricing Not Inclusive of Payment Portal Service Charge

For questions please contact

A la Carte Menu Not Available, Venues May Be Adjusted at Our Option

Meal tickets and School Bus tickets (optional) must be purchased by Wednesday 23 December 2016 at 18:00. If you miss the deadline, please contact us in case we have any openings or cancellations -- we welcome as many guests as can be seated. Please email us at

成人价格Rmb 238, 儿童 4 - 18 岁和携带学生证的大学生享受Rmb 128每位, 4岁以下儿童免费,

需提前网上支付,该价格不包括在线支付可能产生的手续费。餐票和校车票(非强制)须在2016年12月23日18:00前购买。如您错过截至日期,请联系我们,也许我们还有位置或有客人取消预定--我们欢迎尽可能多的客人。请发邮件至 用餐地点可能根据实际情况有所调整。

Kids Make Christmas Cookies (boardroom) 小朋友自制圣诞饼干(boardroom

from 11:00-16:00 从11:00-16:00

Milk & Cookies! 牛奶和饼干

Adults Enjoy Jazz (Lodge) 成人在壁炉边享受爵士乐(门房)

11:00-16:00 从11:00-16:00

Glass of Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice一杯鲜榨橙汁

A Coffee With Brandy & Whipped Cream 一杯咖啡配白兰地和奶油

(Additional Beverages Charged Separately) (额外的饮料单独收费)

Country Buffet Supper (Activity Center) 乡村自助晚餐(活动中心)

Sit Down Whenever You’re Ready 11:00-16:00 当您准备好坐下

Holiday Greens   节日绿色沙拉

Pesto Pasta Salad with Bell Pepper 意大利面条沙拉配青椒

Cassoulet  卡酥来

Roasted Beef Carved to Order 烤牛肉

Root Vegetables & Gravy 根菜类蔬菜

Vegetarian Kedgeree 印度烩饭

Freshly Grilled Homemade Bread 新鲜扒自制面包

Christmas Cake 圣诞节蛋糕

Complimentary Iced Water and Coffee or Tea with Dessert 免费冰水和咖啡或茶配甜点

Additional Beverages Charged Separately 其他饮料需要支付

Special School Bus Service (optional)

Rmb 80 Per Person Round Trip

Especially for Schoolhouse Christmas Day Supper Guests, Price of School Bus  Additional to Supper

Depart Kempinski Hotel 9:00 Leave Schoolhouse 16:00


双程每位Rmb 80


9 :00 从凯宾斯基酒店出发  晚餐后16:00 离开小园

James Spear