Dragon Boat at the Great Wall
adults (feast only)
198 元人民币

children 4-12 (feast only)
98 元人民币

dragon boat sleepover package (Monday 29may, includes a superior queen room and dragon boat feast for two)
2,688 元人民币

add Tuesday night 30 may
988 元人民币

upgrade to deluxe queen/night
288 元人民币

upgrade to premium queen or premium twin/night
488 元人民币

upgrade to chairman's suite/night
1,888 元人民币


*IMPORTANT* To book a special package you must first reserve a room with our reservations department AT +8610 6162-6506 or through our online booking engine   http://brickyardatmutianyu.com/book-now/   . Until this has been done, making payment here does not guarantee a room will be available. Please note yoopay payment refunds cannot be given. 情订好房间再用友付付款,我们不能用友付退款;谢谢您的理解。

Dragon Boat Festival at the Great Wall 2017


Monday 29 May 2017


We’re offering a special rate of Rmb 2,688. Includes private transfers from/to Beijing for two people, a superior queen Great Wall view room for the night of 29 May, late checkout (subject to availability), Food & Beverage Credit of Rmb 240 which can be used at the Brickyard or The Schoolhouse during your stay,  Dragon Festival Luncheon Feast at Xiaolumian for two people on the next day 30 May, and breakfast for two in the Lodge. As a guest you’ll have full privileges to soak in the Great Wall view Jacuzzi as well as enjoy the Garden and Health Center.

我们推出特殊价格Rmb 2,588, 包括从北京至慕田峪往返的两人租车服务,5月29日一晚可欣赏长城美景的高级大床房,晚退房服务(根据实际入住率),价值Rmb 240 的积分可用于入住期间在瓦厂或小园消费,5月30日小庐面端午节双人午餐,双人早餐。您还可以在享受Jacuzzi的同时欣赏长城景色和我们的菜园,以及体验康体中心的服务。

Want to stay longer? Add the night of Tuesday 30 May for just Rmb 988.

想待久一点?只需Rmb 988 即可加住5月30日晚。

Dragon Boat Festival Feast Menu

Traditional Village Celebration

in Our Original Stone Farmhouse at Mutianyu Great Wall

Xiaolumian, Beigou Village, Beijing, China

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Live Folk Music & Snacks from 12:00  

Casual Buffet Dinner Served from 12:00-16:00

Pre-purchase by 5/28: Adults Rmb 178, Children 4 to 12 Rmb 88, Under 4 Free 

Purchase after 5/28: Adults rmb 198, Children 2 to 12 rmb 98, Under 4 free

Lodging Guests May Settle Bill at Check Out

Limited Seating,  for inquiries call 6162-6506 or reservations@brickyardatmutianyu.com

Updated 15 May 2017 Subject to Change Without Notice

Cold Dishes

Relish Tray 小料

Snowy Doufu 小葱拌豆腐

Ganbian Beef 干煸牛肉

Smoked Trout 烟熏虹鳟鱼

Homemade Pickled Vegetables 自制咸菜

Shredded Raw Cucumber 拍黄瓜

Fresh Cut Tomatoes 西红柿片

Zongzi 粽子

Traditional Three-Cornered Savory Rice Wraps

Hot Dishes

Braised Cabbage 炒圆白菜

Chicken with Ginger 鸡丝姜丝酱

Egg Sauce with Dried Peppers鸡蛋酱

Zhajiang  Sauce 炸酱

Eggplant Sauce  茄子酱

Mushroom Sauce蘑菇酱


3 Kinds of Homemade Noodles 三种面条

Steamed Rice  蒸米饭

Vegetarian Jiaozi 蔬菜饺子

Xiaolumian Condiments

Chopped Cilantro香菜  Green Onions小葱  Pickled Ginger 姜丝  Fried Garlic 炸蒜

Roasted Sesame Seeds烤芝麻  Homemade Chili Oil with Black Beans & Garlic, 自制辣椒油

Sesame Oil with Salt香油


Apricots 杏

Almond Doufu 杏仁豆腐


Barley Tea大麦茶  Water 水  Soft Drinks软饮  Beer啤酒  White Lightning白酒

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