Spa Immersion - Single(3D2N)
RMB 16,000

Spa Immersion - Double(3D2N)
RMB 25,000

Discovering Wellness - Single(2D1N)
RMB 6,900

Discovering Wellness - Double(2D1N)
RMB 12,000

Journey to Wellness - Single(3D2N)
RMB 11,800

Journey to Wellness - Double(3D2N)
RMB 20,000

Cleanse - Single(4D3N)
RMB 25,000

Cleanse - Double(4D3N)
RMB 36,000

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Enjoy Your Gift Of Transformation

Share the gift of wellness, well-being and transformation with the people who matter most.  The SANGHA BY OCTAVE Gift Card is the perfect start to a journey of relaxation, rejuvenation, renewal and refocus.

Regardless of your current state of wellness, SANGHA BY OCTAVE custom crafts retreats and programs to nurture and heal Mind, Body and Spirit. We integrate traditional Chinese wisdom and modern science to help you relax, rejuvenate and re-balance in a meditative environment cradled in nature. 

Choose from the following retreats, and let us customize the SANGHA BY OCTAVE Gift Card for the redemption of:

1.   Gift of Love

Spa Immersion @ SANGHA

It gives your body and mind much needed rest, so that a true state of relaxation can be attained.

3 days/2 nights: Single occupancy 16,000 RMB; Double occupancy 25,000 RMB.


2.  Gift of Health

Welcome to Wellness @ SANGHA

SANGHA BY OCTAVE has customized a Health Awareness Program for city dwellers to relax, enjoy, purify and discover themselves.

2 days/ 1 night: Single occupancy 6,900 RMB; Double occupancy 12,000 RMB.

3 days/2 nights: Single occupancy 11,800 RMB; Double occupancy 20,000 RMB.


3.  Gift of Rebirth

Cleanse @ SANGHA

Living in the city, toxins enter our bodies from the polluted air we breathe, the plastic water bottles we drink from, the pesticides residing in vegetables and the antibiotics or steroidal hormones injected into animal-based products. To return to equilibrium, welcome to the CLEANSE RETREAT.

4 days/3 nights, Single occupancy 25,000 RMB; Double occupancy 36,000 RMB.



The gift card is valid within 6 months from the purchase date. Please book 3 days in advance.

Simply call Sangha by Octave at +86 (512) 6788 1888 for more information.


1.     The retreat is valid for the cardholder and is non-transferable.

2.     Card redemption is subject to availability.

3.     The card must be presented upon check-in and only the original copy will be accepted.

4.     Kindly note that all our retreats are for guests aged 16 and above.

5.     The standard check-in time at AT ONE Suites is 2pm.

6.     There will be no encashment for any portion of unused services.

7.     Cancellation and no-show is non-refundable.

8.     Should you change your travel plan, kindly inform us 24 hours prior to the day of arrival.

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