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OwnMade Indoor Composting System

Make Amazingly Good Quality Compost Faster. Perfect For Apartments Of Any Size.

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OwnMade Indoor Composting System

Make Amazingly Good Quality Compost Faster. Perfect For Apartments Of Any Size.

¥ 300.00

邮费: ¥20.00

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浏览: 978

The problem with composting... if you live in an apartment

Have you ever considered composting but abandoned the idea because you're afraid it will stink up your apartment or attract flies or make a sloppy mess? Or perhaps you have the impression that composting requires a big pile and takes months to complete the process? Well, that's because you're thinking of outdoor composting, where Nature simply takes care of things. 

For indoor composting, such as in apartments, you'll need a whole new system. One that is small, fast, clean, doesn't stink and keeps flies out.

Nature decomposes. 

Humans compost.

Imagine a forest. The forest ecosystem is the perfect example of perpetual nutrient cycling. How does it work? It is shady, humid and it smells earthy, clean and fresh. And yet, the forest floor is where decomposition takes place all the time. When you walk on the forest floor, you're literally walking on a pile of decomposing leaves, fruit, poop, dead creatures and other organic matter. It supports a populous and wide variety of fermenting and decomposer microorganisms as well as larger decomposers. They all work at different stages of the composting process. And they thrive not just because there is an abundance of food, but because the conditions are right.

OwnMade Indoor Composting System is designed to mimic the conditions and the decomposing process of the forest floor to help you cycle nutrients from food waste back to your plants... bufaster! Let's get real. We live in the city, in apartments with limited space. 

Who wants a pile of rotting food lying around for months in the apartment?


The OwnMade compost difference:

• OwnMade compost is full of life 

• nutrients are better retained because of the process

• the microorganisms in the compost will make these nutrients more bio-available to plants

• which will keep the plants healthier

• mix it with outdoor garden soil improves soil quality

• make a soilless mix with coco coir for indoor growing 

• finished compost smells just like the forest floor!

photo by an OwnMade composting workshop participant

HomeGrown.School is a movement to spread edible gardens and food sustainability education to schools across China. To learn more about what we do, visit http://homegrown.school

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