Creativity GPS



CREATIVITY GPS (global positioning system) is an innovative consulting company that helps people, organizations, and businesses effectively use creativity to improve themselves.  We love using a blend of creative approaches taken from consulting, coaching, psychology, arts, and education to help clients develop creative skills, strategies, CONNECTIONS, COLLABORATION, and cultures.   Working together, we first gain awareness of where clients are on their unique path, discover possibilities, then remove creative blocks, choose the best path, and finally navigate how to get to their goal.  


In addition to the above, we help…



• get unstuck on their life path.

• creatively overcome challenges.

• awaken their creativity.

• learn how to live a more creative life.

• thrive as a creative and/or entrepreneur.

• balance their life to achieve greater wellness.



transform their programs to become innovative, modern, and sustainable.

creatively overcome organizational challenges.

utilize more design, visual methods, and creativity in programs and program development.

learn how to create systems and environments for creativity to thrive.

integrate collaboration and connection approaches into processes.



transform towards a more innovative future.  

creatively overcome business challenges.

integrate visual methodologies and design thinking in every day work life.

utilize creative strategies for multiple facets of business growth.

learn to create positive, collaborative, thriving cultures of creativity that drive innovation.




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