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Split Works
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Split Works开功 是一家基于上海和北京的外资音乐演出公司,一直与诸多国际品牌进行合作,始终围绕音乐、品牌、创意和青年文化组织和推广各类活动。2006年成立至今,Split Works共推出了5个音乐节品牌、覆盖30座城市的400多场巡演,并一直坚信并实践着:每一次音乐都必须是独特的。从Godspeed You! Black Emperor 到Sonic Youth,从Thee Oh Sees到Mac Demarco和Shabazz Palaces,从“黑兔”到《觉》音乐+艺术节,从“无解周末”到回声公园音乐节,再到混凝草音乐节。我们热爱音乐,我们热爱中国,我们爱你。

About Split Works:

Split Works has been rocking in the free (ish) world since 2006. Working with inspirational artists from across the globe, the good people at Split Works HQ have been a key contributor to the continued rise of China’s music scene.

Split Works has launched five music festivals and promoted over 400 tours to 30 Chinese cities, always striving to stay true to a familiar refrain: the music has to be special, every single time. From Godspeed You! Black Emperor to Sonic Youth, from Thee Oh Sees to Mac Demarco and Shabazz Palaces, from Black Rabbit to JUE and Wooozy to Echo Park and More Music. We love music, we love China and we love you.