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RGC ART ONE NATION is a brainchild of visionary art promoters – Harsh Dhawan & Namrata Dhawan. Organized every 3rd quarter of the year, It has been conceptualized to celebrate Performing Arts without divisions of tribal, folk, classical, contemporary, oriental, western and so on.

RGC 艺之国的表演艺术是来自视觉艺术推广人Harsh Dhawan和Namrata Dhawan的创意,旨在组织概念性的表演艺术,其内容不分种族、民族、古典、当代、东方与西方

The First Edition of “Art One Nation Gala Event” was held in Hangzhou, China a beautiful city surrounded by mountains & lakes. Known to be the tourist Capital of China, it’s a hub for creative & cultural avenues. The first Art One Nation event was held on 23rd October 2016 showcasing Five Quintessential Elements of Nature – Water, Earth, Fire, Wood & Metal through performance arts from across the globe such as Indian Classical Dance, Indian Semi Classical, Kalaripayattu (Ancient Indian Martial Art), Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts), American Tribal Fusion Dance, Tribal Fusion Dance, Modern Contemporary Dance, Djembe (African Drums) to name a few.  The only of its kind, Art One Nation has been widely appreciated, shared & acknowledged by patron of art as well people from all walks of life. We were humbly honored to have our Guest of honors – Autistic children from Yanglinzi School in Hangzhou


首届 “艺之国” 表演盛宴在中国杭州举办,杭州是一个依山傍水的美丽都市,是中国著名的旅游城市,同时还是一个文化创意中心。艺之国的首次表演于2016年10月23日举办,通过一系列全球各地的艺术表演展现了金、木、水、火、土五大自然元素,其中有印度古典舞蹈、印度半古典舞蹈、 卡拉里帕亚图(一种古印度武术)、卡波耶拉(巴西战舞)、美国部落融合舞、部落融合舞、现当代舞、Djembe(非洲手鼓)等。艺之国这种独具特色的表演形式,受到了观众和社会各界的广泛好评和认可。表演当天我们还很荣幸地邀请了来自杭州杨凌子学校的自闭症儿童们作为客人来欣赏我们的表演。



The motto is to strengthen bonds among countries and cultures through various unseen/seen performing arts and to bring all traditions and styles together to a common platform.


The event is being hosted by RGC – Resource Group of Companies, HKG Ltd., formed in the year 2016. Although just a year old company but RGC feels proud to have held two successful events within a span of 6 months – ART ONE NATION & NRITYA SANGAM (INDIAN CLASSICAL & FOLK DANCE EVENT). Alongside RGC “true to its motto” also organizes Workshops in various genres of Performing Arts bringing in artists from all over the world. In 2016/2017 RGC has held seven successful Intensive Training program in Tribal Fusion, Indian Classical & semi classical, ATS, Hawaiian Hula Dance to name a few. RGC constantly keeps working on seeking artists & art forms, which need a platforms to showcase their talent & uncommon to the general audience. So far Artists who have been associated with RGC Art One Nation have been benefitted in terms of popularity, awareness & student base.

这项活动目前由RGC – Resource Group of Companies, HKG Ltd.举办。公司成立于2016年,虽然距离公司成立只有短短一年,但是让我们感到自豪的是RGC在成立之后的6个月内就成功举办了2次活动,即艺之国和舞动印度(印度古典舞和民族舞表演活动)。RGC也组织各种表演艺术种类的研讨会,吸引了来自世界各地的艺术家。在2016-2017年间,RGC已经成功开展了7次集中训练项目,包含部落融合舞、印度古典或半古典舞、美国部落风舞、夏威夷草裙舞等。RGC始终在致力于寻找那些需要一个舞台来向大众展现其才能的艺术家或不同寻常的艺术形式。目前为止已经与RGC艺之国项目合作的艺术家都已在知名度、受欢迎度、学生基础等方面都得到了提升。

RGC ART ONE NATION seek support & solidarity with all who love & support Art…..