Royal Asiatic Society Beijing


Royal Asiatic Society Beijing
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The Royal Asiatic Society China, Beijing aims to bring China and the world together.

   We offer talks, expert-led tours, dialogues and publications, which explore Chinese culture, society, philosophy and science.

   RAS China, Beijing is a chapter of Royal Asiatic Society China, the branch in Shanghai of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. RAS was established in London in 1823, and HRH The Prince of Wales is its current patron.

皇家亚洲学会(中国)北京分会(简称RAS Beijing)致力于拉近中国和世界的距离。

RAS Beijing 提供讲座、沙龙、深度文化旅行和专业出版物订阅服务,帮助我们的会员增强在中国文化、社会、哲学和科学领域的理解。

RAS Beijing隶属于1823年在伦敦成立的皇家亚洲学会,学会的赞助人是威尔士亲王殿下。