Yale Healthcare Club of China


Yale Healthcare Club of China
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Yale Healthcare Club of China (YHCC) comprises of an enthusiastic group Yale alumni working in or interested in the healthcare industry. The YHCC’s mission is to develop networking and business opportunities by connecting Yale alumni to the healthcare business community, and to enhance the community’s knowledge and ideas. In the future, the YHCC will continue to host high-impact and diverse activities, such as panel discussions and speaker series.

耶鲁医疗健康中国校友俱乐部(YHCC, Yale Healthcare Club of China)是由耶鲁大学医疗健康领域的中国校友发起的组织,旨在为会员打造在医疗健康行业的生态圈,促进实业与投资界的沟通与交流,创造更多投资机会。YHCC将定期举办丰富的线上线下活动,涵盖医疗健康领域重要议题,分享领域前沿真知灼见。

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