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马莫娜艺戏剧舞团: 一晚两部沉浸式话剧:《灰色的生活》&《关联》

价格: ¥100

2017年5月5日 星期五 21:00 至 23:30
主办方: 愚公移山 更多活动

价格: ¥100

马莫娜艺戏剧舞团: 一晚两部沉浸式话剧:《灰色的生活》&《关联》

2017年5月5日 星期五 21:00 至 23:30 愚公移山 YUGONG YISHAN

价格: ¥100

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2017年5月5日 星期五 21:00 至 23:30



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5月5日 Friday 星期五


作家 / 戏剧导演 / 制片人 - Martina Morrocchi

与音乐导演Alberto Cuellar、小提琴演奏家Shawn Moore、萨克斯演奏家徐鹏 







人们会说……”北京被污染了”, 但是“整个世界都被污染了”,我们生产,我们购买,我们丢弃,我们花费,我们想要,我们假装,我们从来都不满足……







有时候你会觉得你做错事了,因为别人告诉你你做错了:“你想太多”,然后你会相信别人的话。 其它时候你会发现人们启发了你……然后你会想要做正确的事。


- 马莫娜艺戏剧舞团&艺术家介绍 -

Martina Morrocchi,1989年出生于意大利基安蒂,剧作家、导演、戏剧老师。2003年致力于画画,同时为了探索不同的文化出国旅游。2005年在Manu Lalli的指导下Martina首次接触到戏剧,加入《Venti Lucenti》戏剧团,参与演出《普罗米修斯》、《安提戈涅》、《地狱》。高中毕业之后,Martina学习古典家具修复技巧,后来她把这种创作经验用于舞美设计。2009年Martina被罗马国际戏剧学院录取,经过优等的培训成为专业的演员。毕业之后,Martina开始进行国际戏剧研究,她飞到中国,先搬到深圳,但是很快就感受到北京艺术世界的魅力,所以在首都定居,并创立马莫娜艺戏剧舞团(MaMoNaHi Theater Dance Company)。在北京,研究中外演员演技的优点和有限的方面,MaMoNaHi Theater Dance Company戏剧团的中外演员结合演出《关系》、《活力》、《活力2》、《灰色生活》。剧本都是深刻、流行的主题,如污染、消费主义、跨文化交际等。演出的各个方面,包括服装、视觉效果、舞台灯光和布景,都是由她设计的,音乐由Alberto Cuéllar作曲家创作。

目前MaMoNaHi Theater Dance Company戏剧团在北京表演,与不同的音乐家、演员、舞蹈家合作。

Alberto Cuéllar出生于西班牙格拉纳达。

他从小就非常喜欢吉他。自19世纪以来,吉他就一直伴随着他的家族。他最早在家乡跟随父亲Chico Cuéllar和老师Alarich Zoller Alarico一起学习吉他。之后,他前往伦敦吉尔德霍尔音乐与戏剧学院,师从Robert Brightmore,经过四年的学习,获得了的吉他专业学位。 


Alberto Cuéllar先生2008年移居北京,他在中国多地举办过音乐会,并且不遗余力地大力推广西班牙吉他和弗拉明戈吉他。2013到2014年间,作为主要的吉他演奏家,Alberto Cuéllar与中国和西班牙的舞者、歌手一起参与中国东方演艺集团大型演出《安达卢西亚的激情》全国巡演。

芝加哥小提琴演奏家Shawn Moore,2014年定居北京,他有一个中国名字叫莫灵风。本科毕业于巴德学院小提琴专业和东亚学专业,硕士毕业于耶鲁大学小提琴专业。他一直活跃于世界各地的音乐舞台,现担任巴德学院驻亚地区招生官、北京大学附属中学特聘驻校音乐家、南京艺术学院客座教授及北京耶鲁校友会音乐总监。除了音乐之外莫灵风也热爱世界各国的不同文化,擅长以多种方式与他人沟通。



MaMoNaHi Theatre-Dance Company


By Martina Morrocchi (author / theatre director / producer) with Alberto Cuellar (music director) / Shawn Moore (violin) / Xu Peng (sax)

Two immersive plays in one Night

a walk on the particles…

Every day we wake up and we open the window to start our day…    

watch the sun … 

take a breath and think about the amazing things we will do on that day.

But when you wake up and outside it’s Grey…your mood will change, just a little bit .. but it will change… and if it happens for more days to follow your mood will change a lot even if you think it isn’t affecting you.

People could say…”Beijing is polluted”… but: “the World is polluted”. We produce, we buy, we throw away, we spend, we want, we pretend and we are never ever satisfied…

How are we running this world?                          

Why are we destroying it?

Now we are living in the Globalized World’s Black Mirror.

a way to grow up and find your world

From the day that we were born we learn, we separate the right from the wrong and we try to understand who we are and what we want.

The people we meet on our life’s journey will give us trouble and will teach us solutions. They will help us to understand ourselves better when we look at them as a mirror of ourselves.

Sometimes you will feel wrong because somebody tells you: “you dream too much” and you believe it. Other times you will find people encouraging  you..and you will feel to be right.

Any relationship is a present giving us the chance to understand our fears, our abilities and our courage.

Martina Morrocchi was born in Bagno a Ripoli near Florence and grew up in Panzano in Chinati. She started to do Theatre when she was sixteen years old and lately graduated from the International Academy of Theatre in Rome as Actress and Theatre Director. After years of theatre in Italy where she founded her company, she moved to BJ. Inspired by the mix of cultures she produces her shows as teacher and director of MaMoNaHi Theatre-Dance Group.

Alberto Cuéllar was born in Granada, Spain in 1973. He stated his first guitar strokes influenced by a legacy since XIX century that he inherited from his great grandfather, and more directly from his grandfather Pepe Cuéllar also known as “Hijo de Salvador”, who was awarded the first price for guitar at the first Competition of Cante Jondo in 1922 organized by Manuel de Falla and Federico García Lorca, among others. Alberto perfected his musical knowledge at the Guildhall School of Music in London during four years with professor Robert Brigthmore. He got the Bachelor of Music and he graduated in classical guitar at the Kent University in 2000. Since 2008 Alberto Cuellar is living in China and has been extensively playing his Spanish Guitar as a soloist, in classical ensemble, jazz ensemble trio, and with flamenco dancers in concerts through Asia.

Shawn Moore is an American violinist/violist, currently teaching and performing in China, the US and other locations throughout the world. He is the Musician in Residence at The Affiliated High School of Peking University, a visiting professor at the Nanjing School of the Arts, and Musician in Residence for the Yale Club of Beijing. While pursuing his career as a musician, Shawn also concurrently works for Bard College, covering East/Central Asia as an admissions officer and representative for institutional relations. He has been based in Beijing since the fall of 2014. Shawn is passionate about languages and communication in general – be it musical, linguistic or otherwise. He is a graduate of Bard College and Yale University.

Saxophonist Xu Peng is one of the most influential saxophonists in the country. He graduated from the Beijing Modern Music Academy, majoring in jazz saxophone. Art experience; small tomato jazz band sponsor, and the formation of Xu Peng jazz quartet, jazz trio


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