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MAKE 5ENSE / 五感五味

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MAKE 5ENSE / 五感五味
2014年3月16日 星期日 15:00 至 17:00
Penghao Theater (35 Dongmianhua Hutong / Nanlouguxiang) 蓬蒿剧场 (东棉花胡同35号 / 南锣鼓巷)
主办方: World Culture Open, Beijing Office 更多活动

价格: 免费

MAKE 5ENSE / 五感五味

2014年3月16日 星期日 15:00 至 17:00 Penghao Theater (35 Dongmianhua Hutong / Nanlouguxiang) 蓬蒿剧场 (东棉花胡同35号 / 南锣鼓巷)

价格: 免费

时间 地点

2014年3月16日 星期日 15:00 至 17:00

Penghao Theater (35 Dongmianhua Hutong / Nanlouguxiang) 蓬蒿剧场 (东棉花胡同35号 / 南锣鼓巷) Penghao Theater (35 Dongmianhua Hutong / Nanlouguxiang) 蓬蒿剧场 (东棉花胡同35号 / 南锣鼓巷)


主办方 联系主办方

World Culture Open, Beijing Office

World Culture Open, Beijing Office




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Program 节目

Fenni  - The sound sculpture of reverberating energies

Fenni, a crossover experiment voice artist and voice of band "BAD TRIP", believes human voices perpetuate a mysterious force through different time and space. Through this event, she wants the audience to fully experience the relationship between body and music, the different energies reverberating from each musical beat and its emotional ties. For this event, she will welcomeeveryone to join voices with hers to create and paint a beautiful sound sculpture.

芬妮 – 的声音雕塑


Tu Qiang  -  The divine dance of scent

Tu Qiang was born in Beijing, but went on a life journey across continents. As a seeker of his cultural roots, he has discovered aromatic alchemistry of Chinese culture and devoted himself to learning about incense and fragrances. At this event, breathe in his aromatic discoveries so perhaps you can find your own answer of whether scents really can “nourish the spirit and attract divinity”.

涂强 -永恒的嗅觉之舞


Hans Martin Galliker  - Textile maneuvers in the dark

Hans Martin Galliker, is a Swiss eco-preneur and co-founder of organic fashion brand NEEMIC. Through the media of fashion, Hans is driving efforts to encourage the farming industry to produce socially sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. At the March C!Talk, Hans will help you feel nature at its best through handpicked fine drapery.

汉子 -  黑暗中的织物计划

汉子(Hans Martin Galliker)是来自瑞士的生态环保践行者,NEEMIC有机环保fashion品牌联合创始人之一。通过时装这一载体,汉子努力地让有机农业更广泛地运用于可循环的环保产品中。在此,他将带来最上乘的面料,让观众直接“触摸”自然。


Lin Xi - Visual honesty of Butoh dance

Lin Xi has traveled around the world in search for herself, one day discovering Butoh dance as a way to “finding her own spirit”. Through this minimal and honest expression of body and soul, Lin Xi will share what she discovered outside her comfort zone and dare everyone to step out of theirs. 



Ernest Loh  - The five flavors of unique cultural fusion

Ernest Loh was born in Malaysia and grew up in China. Now co-owner ofNyonya kitchen, his family restaurant was the first to introduce Malaysian Peranakanculture, a mix of cultures between Chinese and Malays, to Beijingers. Wrapping up the event, Ernest will awaken all your five senses through his culinary presentation, surprising you with a breeze of five flavors in a unique fusion of Southeast Asian cuisine.

罗伟恩 -- 能吃的文化五味

罗伟恩生于马来西亚,在中国长大,Nyonya Kitchen的联合创始人,他的家族餐厅曾经是北京第一家把马来西亚娘惹风味引入中国的餐厅,当然也考虑到了中国人的饮食习惯。罗伟恩希望用他的独门厨艺摇撼你的感官,直至五感在他的南亚美食中彻底苏醒。

The journey through your five senses to awaken the sixth ~