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【女的】社区生活节 Fem - stage: A Female/LGBT Friendly Comedy Night
2018年6月16日 星期六 19:30 至 21:30
Business Casual
地点:北京老书虫 / The Beijing Bookworm
主办方: The Beijing Bookworm 更多活动

价格: ¥70

【女的】社区生活节 Fem - stage: A Female/LGBT Friendly Comedy Night

价格: ¥70

【女的】社区生活节 Fem - stage: A Female/LGBT Friendly Comedy Night
2018年6月16日 星期六 19:30 至 21:30
Business Casual
地点:北京老书虫 / The Beijing Bookworm
主办方: The Beijing Bookworm 更多活动

价格: ¥70



【女的】社区生活节 Fem - stage: A Female/LGBT Friendly Comedy Night

2018年6月16日 星期六 19:30 至 21:30 地点:北京老书虫 / The Beijing Bookworm

价格: ¥70

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2018年6月16日 星期六 19:30 至 21:30

地点:北京老书虫 / The Beijing Bookworm 地点:北京老书虫 / The Beijing Bookworm


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The Beijing Bookworm

The Beijing Bookworm


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提起女脱口秀演员,人们总是说到Ali Wong,  了不起的麦瑟尔夫人。其实在北京就有很多长期活跃在本地舞台的女性喜剧演员,通过英文脱口秀、即兴喜剧方式,用幽默感解构社会,表达自我。这次我们邀请了喜剧舞台的另一类少数派, Gay一起,为你奉献一场没有直男癌和突破性别刻板印象的喜剧演出。

When people talk about female comedians, they always bring up Ali Wong, and the hot-hit TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Do you know there are actually a bunch of active female comedians (stand-up, improv) here in Beijing? We also invite the under-represented group - gays - to join us, and present to you a gender-friendly comedy night!

我们在演出前的下午4- 6点准备了一节免费的英文即兴喜剧体验课,由女子表演组合Broads领衔,帮助你在演出开始之前感受“做一名喜剧演员的体验什么样的体验”。欢迎所有18岁以上的,各种性别、国籍的人来参与,没有经验要求。

Before the comedy show, join the Beijing Broads for a free improv comedy workshop from 4-6pm before the show. This workshop is designed as a fun, easy introduction to a comedy style where everything is created cooperatively on the spot. All ages over 18, languages, genders, and species welcome. The Broads are China's first all-female improv group, founded with the intention to give women a platform to perform without  being constricted only to the roles women traditionally play, pushing back against stereotypes of women in comedy.

poster designed by Eva Hart


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Come meet these awesome comedians!

玖姑 / Evangeline Z


Evangeline Z is a feminist activist and social innovator. She founded a program called "女力:Femployee“ which interviews females who work in male-dominated industries about their career and experience of being "the minority" in such fields as rapper, comedian, racecar driver and chef. Inspired by these interviewees, Evangeline pursued her own goals of using stand-up comedy and rapping to discuss about gender inequality and white supremacy. In 2017, she produced a chinese rap MV called "Our Vagina, Ourselves", which received 218K views on FB.



(Translated from Chinglish): My name is Curtis, I don’t speak Chinese, but they asked me to write this. I work in Beijing. I am a teacher, but NOT an English teacher. [You may have missed my emphasis in that sentence because Chinese is a tonal language.] I teach drama! (Are you surprised??) It took me three hours to write this [the Chinese version]. I am very proud [of my Chinese version].

Daniel Dan

Fact about Daniel Dan:He doesn’t like any city that gets wet too much, because he feels like it is a constant reminder.

瑞琪 / Eva Hart

Hello my name is Eva Hart, I did my bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and my master’s degree in studio art. Now I’m doing standup comedy in Beijing. I think I’m working my way down. Maybe the next time you see me I’ll be fighting old ladies on the street for plastic bottles, although that would fulfill my environmental engineering degree I guess. 

I think if we could all be nice to one another, the world would be a much better place.

Nick Barber/ 龙虎

my name is Long Hu 

what more do you need? 

I am fiery and moist. 

I like using gay as a good word and love interracial swearing.

I sing about love and unconventional romance. 

All whilst toning my calves of steel.

孙宁忆 / Solningyi


I have two dreams: world peace and acting. I’m working with the political affairs to help contribute to the former and going up on the stage to do standup in my spare time for the latter!

Beijing Broads

Beijing Broads is China's first all-female improv and sketch comedy group. By focusing on female-driven comedy, Beijing Broads provides a platform for women to get involved in the city's comedy scene without compromising their ideals or sense of humor. Made up of members from six different countries spanning four different languages, the group has been performing for over two years. All proceeds from their shows are donated to charity organization Educating Girls in Rural China to help young Chinese women access education. The basic ethics behind Beijing Broads and their shows is finding humor in inclusiveness, while pushing back against stereotypes of women in comedy. 

本次演出来自【女的】社区生活节(6月16日-18日)系列活动中的【女的】舞台 ,更多性别意识活动请关注【女的】社区生活节,“像女孩一样”度过这个端午

The event is part of the "fem-stival" and there is a bunch of other gender-friendly events June 16 - 18, click here to check them out.

June 16, 7:30 - 9:30PM

Location : The Bookworm