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Let's 3D Print (full-day children workshop)
Sunday, June 7, 2015 10:00 to 17:00
Zhonglao Hutong No.28, Dongcheng District
Organizer: The Courtyard Institute More Events

Price: ¥740 - 790

Let's 3D Print (full-day children workshop)

Price: ¥740 - 790

Let's 3D Print (full-day children workshop)
Sunday, June 7, 2015 10:00 to 17:00
Zhonglao Hutong No.28, Dongcheng District
Organizer: The Courtyard Institute More Events

Price: ¥740 - 790



Let's 3D Print (full-day children workshop)

Sunday, June 7, 2015 10:00 to 17:00 Zhonglao Hutong No.28, Dongcheng District

Price: ¥740 - 790

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Sunday, June 7, 2015 10:00 to 17:00

Zhonglao Hutong No.28, Dongcheng District Zhonglao Hutong No.28, Dongcheng District
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The Courtyard Institute

The Courtyard Institute




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For the Workshop on the 20th of June go to https://yoopay.cn/event/36509299

这是第一期(6月6日)。第二期 (2015.06.20 10:00—17:00)在这儿:https://yoopay.cn/event/36509299

Imagine being a designer, making some great 21st century products, inspired by traditional Chinese culture.

This workshop offers you this experience. We challenge you to transform traditional Chinese culture into a 3D printed product in just one day! Can you do it?

In this fun and hands-on workshop, you will become familiar with the design process, working in teams on 3D modeling and 3D printing. We end the day with a series of self-designed and printed products, ready to take home.

Let’s 3D Print!

  • Ages 11-17
  • Class size limited to 12 per session
  • No prior experience is necessary
  • Please bring your own laptop and mouse to the workshop.

This 6 hour course is all about turning an idea into a 3D product. The course will cover the basics of 3D modeling in 123D Design and will offer participants to print their design on a Up Plus 2 3D printer, courtesy of Beijing Tiertime Technologies. 3D Printers and material will be provided.

Course Highlights:

  • Collecting ideas for design: get inspired by Chinese culture
  • Introduction to 3D Printing – What is 3D Printing?
  • Download and Install 123D Design (free software)
  • Creative design process
  • Instructions on 3D modeling with 123D Design
  • Live 3D Printing!
  • Looking to the future: what can we do with 3D Printing?


  • Diana Guzijan (Lead teacher)

diana profile pic

Designer, Art & Design teacher

Diana is a Dutch designer, who recently moved to Beijing. She is a graduate from both Delft University of Technology and Amsterdam School of the Arts. Over the last years she has been developing and leading many creative workshops, using digital media as a tool to take a better look at the world around. She worked for various schools and art institutions, including ZB45 Makerspace and the Rijksmuseum, both located in Amsterdam, where she, amongst other programs, designed and led children courses.

  • Ami Nigam

Architect, Designer

Ami is an Indian architect currently practicing in Beijing and has worked in Architecture and Design for over 5 years in cities like London, Bombay and Beijing. He is a graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth, an Experimental Design school in the UK. He has always been interested in the conversation between old and new, rich cultural heritage and contemporary technologies.

  • David Doepel

profile pic

Designer, Cultural Educator

David is an Austrian designer, his installation was a part of the Beijing Design Week in 2014. He has been involved in Chinese Cultural Education with Courtyard Institute over the last year. He is a graduate from the Vienna School of Business and comes with a deep understanding of Chinese Cultural Design traditions.

  • Leandro Rolon

Architect, Designer

Leandro is an American architect and designer with over 10 years of 3D Printing expertise. Throughout his career he has contributed to the realization of numerous large-scale projects spanning a total of four continents and hosted numerous 3D printing events in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Beijing. He is a graduate from The Southern California Institute of Architecture (sci-ARC), which is widely regarded as one of the most avant-garde U.S. architecture schools, with a reputation for pushing the boundaries of academic study and design.

Date :
Sunday, June 20th, 10:00 - 17:00 (one hour lunch break)

第二期 (2015.06.20 10:00—17:00)

English (Chinese translation available)



- 790 RMB/person includes lunch and all required materials for your own print

- 740 RMB/person without lunch

- 50 RMB discount each, for you and your friend, if you reserve together! (The discount will be reimbursed to you at the workshop)

790元/人 (包含午饭,打印物件)

740元/人 (无午饭)



·      年龄11-17岁

·      每班最多12个孩子

·      不需要有相关经验

·      每个孩子需要带自己的电脑和鼠标来上课

6个小时的课程核心是帮助孩子们把自己的设计通过3D打印机实现出来。内容包括基础的3D建模,在型号为up Plus 23D的3D打印机上打印自己的设计。 我们会提供打印机及打印材料。


·      从中国传统文化中寻找设计灵感

·      3D打印介绍

·      下载123D设计软件

·      体验创新设计流程

·      如何用123D软件建模

·      3D 现场打印

·      3D打印的美好未来




  • Diana Guzijan


Diana 是一位刚刚乔迁北京的荷兰籍设计师,毕业于代尔夫特理工大学和阿姆斯特丹艺术学院。过去的几年中她一直是致力于创意工作坊的教学,通过数字媒体做创新。她层就职于几个艺术学校其中包括位于阿姆斯特丹的ZB45 Makerspace 和Rijksmuseum,教学内容包括孩子的设计课程等。

  • Ami Nigam



  • David Doepel



  • Leandro Rolon



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