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京Sing-A Capella Concert
2018年8月23日 星期四 20:30 至 22:30
Business Casual
The Bookworm Courtyard #4, South Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
主办方: The Beijing Bookworm 更多活动

价格: ¥35

京Sing-A Capella Concert

价格: ¥35

京Sing-A Capella Concert
2018年8月23日 星期四 20:30 至 22:30
Business Casual
The Bookworm Courtyard #4, South Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
主办方: The Beijing Bookworm 更多活动

价格: ¥35



京Sing-A Capella Concert

2018年8月23日 星期四 20:30 至 22:30 The Bookworm Courtyard #4, South Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

价格: ¥35

时间 地点

2018年8月23日 星期四 20:30 至 22:30

The Bookworm Courtyard #4, South Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing The Bookworm Courtyard #4, South Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


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The Beijing Bookworm

The Beijing Bookworm


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京SING是个在北京演出的国际清唱团。我们的音乐类型从Pop和灵歌到都.喔普(doo wop)和爵士。

Who are Jing Sing?

Jing Sing is an international A Cappella group who perform around Beijing. We sing a variety of different musical styles ranging from pop and soul to doo wop and jazz.

Hallelujah - 京sing

成员介绍 About Jing Sing


Devin is from Kansas City, Missouri, but has called Beijing home for the past five years. She started singing with Jing Sing A Cappella in January 2015 and served as co-president of the group from early 2016 to 2018. She frequently helps out as a backup singer for Stevie Mac and the MacDaddies and has performed as a guest singer with local Beijing bands such as The Hunters and Tavey Lean and the Solid Gold Dream Machine. She is currently treasurer of Jing Sing.

 Devin来自美国密苏里州的堪萨斯城,过去5一直在北京居住。2015年初Devin加入了京Sing,从16年初到18年她作为京Sing的联合管理人。她是受邀参加StevieMac & The Mac Daddies配唱的常客,也作为客串歌手参与北京其他乐队的演出。她目前是京Sing的出纳员。



Christiana is a multi-disciplinary performer with extensive experience in choral, a cappella, musical theatre and improv theatre. She is originally from New Zealand, where she toured internationally with award-winning choirs and starred as the lead in Schoenberg’s Miss Saigon to an audience of over 30,000 in Auckland’s Civic Theatre. On the Beijing stage, Christiana is known as one of the founders of Jing Sing A Cappella, and a member of the Beijing Bilingual Improv Troupe.

 Christiana是名全能型艺人,有着合唱,清唱,歌剧和Improv方面的经验。她来自新西兰,曾经是新西兰获奖合唱团的成员之一。也曾作为《Miss Saigon》的主角在奥克兰市民剧场为三万观众表演。在北京Christiana是京Sing的创始者之一,也是北京双语Improv的成员。



Jamie joined Jing Sing in 2016, having sung in various choirs and music conservatory camps since childhood in Hong Kong and New Jersey. She's a chef by trade and swears by cooking to the tunes of Ella Fitzgerald, funny Broadway songs, and early 2000s hip-hop, which you can get an earful of at her restaurant Fat Rabbit.

 Jamie 在于2016年加入了京Sing。从小她在香港和美国参加过很多不同的合唱团。作为一名厨师Jamie烹饪时必须听Ella Fitzgerald,幽默地Broadway歌曲和21世纪初的说唱。你同样可以在她的餐厅,FatRabbit,听到这些音乐。



Originally from Denmark and a true European at heart, Lise moved to Beijing with her family in December 2015. With a background of choir singing, country singing, and her long-time passion, musical theatre, she joined Jing Sing in August 2016. It gives Lise enormous joy to be part of Jing Sing and she has made great friends in the group. She is happy they all forgive her for being a bit “mumsy” at times!

 来自丹麦,Lise心里永远是欧洲人。在201512Lise搬到了北京。她的音乐背景包括合唱团,乡村歌曲和她的长期的热爱 - 音乐剧表演。她20168月份加入了京SingLise非常享受在京Sing的经验,也在团队里交了不少的好朋友。她很开心大家能原谅她有时像Sing的妈妈



Derek is African-born and American-raised but has spent the majority of his adult years in Asia. He joined Jing Sing in May 2017 to fill the musical void in his Beijing life. As a kid, Derek had the great fortune to dabble with numerous instruments—guitar, flute, French horn, trumpet, violin, piano—but since university has given more time to exploring the versatility (and portability) of the vocal pipes. When he’s not singing or working, Derek enjoys making lists of the hobbies he’d like to try out “someday.”




Hailing from Yorkshire in the UK, Greg has lived in Beijing for around 7 years. After being gifted a guitar aged 15, Greg quickly learned to sing and cut his teeth at folk nights and open mics. When he's not singing baritone/tenor with Jing Sing, who he joined in January 2017, you can find him baking bread or socialising with characters of varying repute in the city's music venues.

 来自英国约克郡,Greg在北京7年了。他15岁生日收到了一把吉他之后,很快就开始学唱歌,在open mic和民谣演出练习了他的唱歌能力。他20171月加入了京Sing。在京Sing唱男中音之外,Greg喜欢烤面包,也喜欢和各种朋友去北京的各种音乐酒吧。



Taylor has lived in Beijing for 3 years and been a member of Jing Sing since 2016. His musical background includes several a cappella groups, a questionably useful music degree, and the ability to bother his neighbors and roommates wherever he goes. Taylor sings tenor in Jing Sing and also arranges and records much of the group’s current repertoire. He hopes that breathing enough Beijing smog will someday make a bass out of him, but he is still waiting. 

 Taylor在北京三年了。他2016年加入了京Sing。他的音乐背景包括参加几个A Cappella清唱团,一个怀疑没用的音乐本科专业,和一个通过音乐能打扰室友和邻居的超能。Taylor在京Sing唱男高音,他也谱写大多京Sing的音乐。他希望哪天北京的雾霾能吸到会唱男低音,可他还在等待。



Growing up in Canada, David sang in choirs and rock bands but gave it all up when he moved to Switzerland and realised that basses can't yodel. David came to Beijing in August 2015 to run big events and has been happy to be back on stage with Jing Sing since June 2017.




Daniel is from Philadelphia, USA, and has lived in China for 7 years. He is a bass-baritone singer. He sings so as not to put his surname, Singer, to shame.




Starting way back in the day as a soprano in the Ann Arbor Boy's Choir, Brendon has been singing for most of his life. Scott Leonard, Luther Vandross, Boyz II Men, and of course BSB, were his main influences musically. You can hear Brendon switching between baritone, tenor, and lead.

 从高音合唱团歌手开始,Brendon从小就在唱歌。影响他主要的音乐人物和乐队包括Scott LeonardLuther VandrossBoyz II Men以及BSB他的声音能在男中音、男高音、和lead singer之间切换自如



Uchechi is a third culture kid, growing up in America by way of Nigeria. She grew up singing opera, a bit of musical theatre, moved on to jazz, and can currently be found belting high notes in Jing Sing's soprano section. When she's not jamming with this crew, she’s teaching yoga weekly at Project Pengyou.

 Uchechi是一位第二代尼日利亚移民,在美国长大。她从小就开始唱歌剧和音乐剧,后来转到了爵士。她目前在京Sing唱女高音。她在京Sing唱歌之外每周会在ProjectPengyou 教瑜伽。



Kaitlin has been working as a musician in China since early 2014. She regularly performs with groups of varying genres both as a vocalist and as a saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist. She has been a member of Jing Sing since 2016.




Rose hails from the east coast of the USA and works for the State Department as an English teacher trainer. In choir since she was 2 years old, Rose loves singing anything and everything from jazz to classical to Broadway.



Joan is a mezzo-soprano who started singing before she could talk. She grew up in the US, Hong Kong, and Beijing and has been in choirs, a cappella groups, and KTV booths in the past. Her favorite part of being in a singing group is casually harmonizing with fellow singers in random places (public restrooms, elevators, under umbrellas, etc). 

Joan 是一个在会说话之前就开始唱歌的女中音。她在美国,香港和北京长大,也曾在多个合唱团,清唱团,以及KTV唱过歌。她最喜欢能与其他合唱团成员在各种非正式公共场所(洗手间,电梯等)随机给路人带来完美的和音。


That little school boy who sang in a children's choir 15 years ago in Shenzhen would never have imagined happily joining an a cappella group in Beijing with members from all over the world all these years later. Sen works hard to hit all those high notes he used to hit as a kid in his role as a tenor in Jing Sing.



Tanya grew up in the UK and Bangladesh and while she has lived in five more countries still with her husband and two children, she still sees herself as a Londoner. She sings alto and enjoys roaming the streets of Beijing on her scooter named ‘The Tardis’.