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2018年9月15日 星期六 12:00 至 18:00
27 Courtyard, 27 NeiWuBu Jie. 27 院, 北京市东城区内务部街27号
主办方: B•e Team 更多活动

价格: 免费 - ¥70


价格: 免费 - ¥70

2018年9月15日 星期六 12:00 至 18:00
27 Courtyard, 27 NeiWuBu Jie. 27 院, 北京市东城区内务部街27号
主办方: B•e Team 更多活动

价格: 免费 - ¥70


2018年9月15日 星期六 12:00 至 18:00 27 Courtyard, 27 NeiWuBu Jie. 27 院, 北京市东城区内务部街27号

价格: 免费 - ¥70

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2018年9月15日 星期六 12:00 至 18:00

27 Courtyard, 27 NeiWuBu Jie. 27 院, 北京市东城区内务部街27号 27 Courtyard, 27 NeiWuBu Jie. 27 院, 北京市东城区内务部街27号


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B•e Team

B•e Team






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What is BlackEXPO?

BlackEXPO was born out of a simple desire; to illuminate the positive contributions of the community here in Beijing. There was a need for a platform to highlight our businesses and a need for space to grow together as friends, community, and supporters. BlackEXPO was put forth to fulfill that need and have a good time while doing it.

More than just a market, BlackEXPO is a lit cultural experience placing the spotlight on the community and businesses, services, and talents therein. 

You Don't Want to Miss This

The B•e team is excited to announce that BlackEXPO is an official participant in the 2018 Beijing Design Week. 

"Beijing Design Week launched its first session in Beijing in October 2009. It was authorized by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Beijing Municipal Government. With Beijing Design Week finding its presence in the worlds of creativity and design, it has grown to be the biggest and most influential Asian platform for design exhibition, promotion, exchange and trading. In 2015, Beijing Design Week was designated by the State Council to be an international cultural event to be held annually in the capital city. It has been established a public serve platform for the sustainable development of the creative and design industries."

-- http://www.bjdw.org/en/bjdws/bjdwsAboutBJDW.html

Why come to BlackEXPO? Other than supporting the community, it is a chance to discover your new favorite artists, creatives, find that next head-turning outfit or accessory, taste the flavors of the world and simply make new friends with people from all over the world. You just might find that one new thing or service that you had no idea you needed, but after BlackEXPO you won't be able to live without. At our core, we want people to be happy and prosperous. What better way than a joyous, vibrant, and engaging event where people from all over the world and al backgrounds can come together and celebrate the community. 

So come out and join us as we help you find your new favourite, discover the unexpected and enjoy meaningful connections. All are welcome and all are invited. Regardless of your background, there is something for everyone at BlackEXPO and we can't wait to show you what we have in store. 

What to expect?

First and foremost you will find a market brimming with wonderful products, ranging from jewlery, fashion, beauty, food, drinks, and wellness. 

Great performers, both local and from other parts of China and the world. Experience a different culture through song, poetry, and dance.

Equally signature to BlackEXPO is the atmosphere. When you cross the threshold at 27 Courtyard you will be transported to a land of joy, love, laughter, grooves, and all around good vibes. It is an inclusive environment where every can find something they enjoy and identify with.

Workshops! Every BlackEXPO features workshops to that help the whole person, from fitness, mindsets, finance, and so much more BlackEXPO is a place to learn and grow.


A Lil Something

Abbe Dance Company

Afro Taste

Amaks Beauty

Art by Aida

Bash Corni

Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching

Big Cup

Bokako - Ms. Aloma

Brown Babes Shop

Carpe Diem

Caribbean dance Fit

Chariotz Handmaydz

Coco foods

Deshawn Peterson

Elementary Chinese

Ernique Jewelry


Hair by Akoni

Hey Pengyou


Just Skin

KC and Sons

Lovina Accessories


Nandi Re

Nani’s Creations


Ohema's World


Overseas Game Changer

Sista-Sista Hair and Beauty

Soap Fresh So Clean

Suga Mama bakery


The Moremi Way




Abbe Dance C.

Afritalent Band


Beyond Borders





Spirit Rebellious

BlackEXPO Workshops

BlackEXPO is all about growth and enrichment of businesses and as well as the individual. That is why we provide a robust selection of workshops to help everyone level up. 

Workshop timing

12:00 – 12:50pm: Investment 101 with DeShawn Peterson

1:00 – 1:30 pm: Jindafit with D'Jack

1:40 – 2:10 pm: Elementary Chinese presents Ride Hailing 101

2:20 – 3 pm: Cheroll Dossett, Overseas Game Changer

3:10 – 4 pm: Investment 102 with DeShawn Peterson

4:10 – 4:40pm:  Elementary Chinese Presents DIY Chinese

4:50 - 5:40pm: Taozi Tree Yoga Flow

5:30 – 6 pm: Jindafit with D'Jack

When The Yellow Brick Road Has A Crack In It

Facilitator: Cheroll Dossett, MBA, M E.d

Price: FREE

Time: 2:20 - 3 PM

Description: How to quick start your life when dumb things happen to smart people.

Investment 101: Understanding the Basics

Facilitator: DeShawn Peterson, ASCI

Price: 50 RMB

Time: 12 -12:50 PM

Description: Learn how you can take make the best of your personal finances while in China.

Investment 102: Get Familiar With Different Investment Strategies

Facilitator: DeShawn Peterson, ASCI

Price: 50 RMB

Time: 3:10 - 4 PM

Description: Learn how stocks, bonds, real estate play a different role in your investment strategy


Facilitator: D'Jack

Price: 70 RMB

Time: 1pm - 1:30 PM
          5:30 - 6:00 PM

Description: Officially launched in 2016, Jindafit is a new and effective way of getting fit inspired by Africa. Jindafit uses moves from traditional African dances and enjoyable  upbeat music.  Jindafit uses shoulder core and hip movements to ensure that every workout is a total body workout while still maintaining the element of fun.

Elementary Chinese: DiDi struggles? Ride Hailing 101

Facilitator: Kwadwo [QUĀY.jo]

Price: Donation

Timing: 1:40 – 2:10 PM

Description: Learn what to say when the Didi calls, plus some of the more common types of in-car requests.

Elementary Chinese: No time for classes? DIY Chinese

Facilitator: Kwadwo

Price: Donation

Timing: 4:10 – 4:40 pm

Description: No time for classes? Learn how you can DIY your Chinese skills.

Official product of B•e





  • Cheroll Dosset

    Overseas Game Changer

    Overseas Game Changer